Creating the Gila Reserve (1860)


Office of Indian Affairs, May 14, 1860.

SIR:     This office having signified to Agent Steck its approbation of the establishment of a reservation in New Mexico for the Gila Apaches, including the Miembres, Mogolton, and Chilicayia bands of that tribe, he suggests the following boundaries for the same, viz: “Commencing at Santa Lucia Springs and running north 15 miles; thence west 15 miles; thence south 15 miles; thence east 15 miles to the place of beginning.

Agent Steck has been directed to have the boundaries of the reserve, as indicated by him, run out and marked, and to give notice thereof to the surveyor-general of New Mexico.

I have, therefore, to request that you will give instructions to that officer to respect the said reserve when in the progress of the public surveys he comes to connect them with the external boundaries of said reserve.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
A. B. GREENWOOD, Commissioner.

      Commissioner General Land Office.

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